This is where the Arrivants Project came from.


Arrivants Project founder Kristina Corre and her family immigrated to Canada, landing in Toronto’s Pearson Airport from Manila. Kristina and her brothers were 3, 1, and 5 years old. They quickly learned english from CBC’s Mr.Dressup, Saturday morning cartoons, and WWF (wrestling, not wildlife).


Citizenship for the Corre family. The ceremony took place in the middle of winter, and afterwards Kristina was dropped off at an outdoor skating rink to meet her grade 4 class on a school trip. Talaga Canadjan, diba?

House of Paint DECOLONIZE

Maria Clara Diaspora was created in response to the House of PainT festival’s theme of ‘decolonize.’ When planning the piece, Kristina came to the conclusion that part of decolonizing meant allowing people to find and use their own voices to tell their own stories. This was the first work centered on Kristina’s Filipina-Canadian identity.


HATAW performed HIGH BLOOD at Toronto’s Summerworks Festival and it blew Kristina’s mind. In all her years of being a lover and consumer of all forms of art, this show was the first time Kristina felt herself (her identity and her likeness) reflected in art. In High Blood, the dancers of HATAW, musicians DATU, and rapper Hanhan deftly remixed traditional Filiipino music and dance with contemporary influences to create a performance of living diasporic Filipinx culture. After the performance, Kristina understood completely how much representation matters.

Return to Figurative group exhibition at Studio Sixty-Six

Kristina was invited to show work in a group exhibition called Return to Figurative at Ottawa’s Studio Sixty-Six gallery. When coming up with an approach to the show, Kristina was reading a lot on issues of representation and what it means to take up space, from feminist artists who identify with the African diaspora. As an artist of colour, Kristina felt a huge responsibility to use the upcoming show in the privileged space of a commercial gallery as a platform to make room for marginalized stories: the question of which bodies represented in her work became a question of who she represents personally. Kristina thus began a series called Arrivants , featuring photos of HATAW in rehearsal, as initial explorations into her identity and the Filipinx diaspora. The background images on this website are works from the Arrivants series.

Balikbayan artist residency at Pineapple Lab Manila

Kristina took a chance and reached out to Pineapple Lab art space in Poblacion, Metro Manila to see if an artist residency could be arranged between family reunions and sight seeing. Her one-week pop up residency involved a workshop to coincide with World Collage Day, and an installation of large scale versions of her 2017 Arrivants series .

City of Ottawa Arts and Cultural Funding Grant for Emerging Artists

Kristina received a grant from the City of Ottawa to pursue the Arrivants Project.

Motion 155 in Canada’s House of Commons

On November 18 2018, the House of Commons of Canada adopted Motion 155 declaring June as Filipino Heritage Month in Canada from coast to coast to coast.

Arrivants Project Launch (…and re-launch)

Ang dito na kami

The project was launched in January 2019, and then went on a brief hiatus as Kristina searched for a studio space to conduct interviews, take portraits, and create large scale pieces.  A studio was finally secured through Studio Space Ottawa in September 2019.  The project is now back on track to be exhibited during Filipino Heritage Month in June 2020.